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Dropbox AI Principles

API Reference Documentation

  • Includes endpoints and parameters. Includes an interactive Try It Console
  • Contains feature walkthroughs, guides, and API reference docs

Dropbox Capture

Record your demo video with Dropbox Capture

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AI Basics for the Non-Technical Beginners
AI Code
AI Text Generators
AI Image Generators



You can get a headstart on the submission form by heading to your My Projects tab. You'll be able to continue editing it until the deadline so we strongly encourage you to start early!

We know procrastination gets the better of us so here's a look at the content you'll need to complete the submission for this hackathon:

 Manage Team
  • Add your teammates and nudge them to accept their invitations before the deadline
 Project overview
  • Project name*
  • Elevator Pitch - this is your project’s tagline*
  • Thumbnail image for the Project Gallery 
 Project details
  • Project story* | A text description is required in some format. Your project story section will prompt you with headings that make for a strong description. You can change it as you'd like and use Markdown to fancy it up!
  • Built with tags* | Tag Dropbox Sign API, the AI tool, and any other technology you included.
  • Try it Out links | Link to your working application or prototype
  • Image Gallery | Add any relevant screenshots, logos, charts, or images that support your project.
 Additional info
  • Submitter Type: Individual, Team, or Organization*
  • Are you a resident of any of the following countries/territories: Italy, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Crimea, Belarus, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria the province of Quebec, or the region of Northern Ireland?
  • URL to ~3-minute demo video. Must be uploaded to and made publicly visible on Dropbox Capture, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Video, or Youku.
  • Did you update an existing prototype or application? If so, please describe updates made after the hackathon start period. 
  • Agree to the hackathon terms and conditions and click submit!