4 months ago

Winners Revealed

 The Dropbox Sign AI-Powered Agreements Hackathon has come to a close and now it’s time to announce the winners. There were dozens of remarkable projects to review, and the competition was fierce. Each and every participant deserves recognition for their dedication, creativity, and hard work 


Judging Criteria:

• Design: We evaluated the user experience and design of the apps, emphasizing simplicity to challenge traditional pen and paper processes.

• Quality of Idea & Potential Impact: The judges considered the creativity, uniqueness, and value created for businesses and users. We looked for projects that pushed the boundaries beyond mere signing,…

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5 months ago

Off to the Judging Panel

Congratulations to everyone who submitted a project! Here's a quick breakdown of how judging works: 

Stage One

Submissions are locked in at the deadline and Stage One commences. A review team from Devpost and Dropbox will review your submission materials to ensure they are complete, eligible, and meet a baseline level of viability to move to Stage Two. At a minimum, this means the submission includes all of the below items:

  • URL to a prototype or application that uses the Dropbox Sign API and any publicly available AI technology and that works well enough for the demo
  • Complete text description…

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5 months ago

Final call for submissions

There are only 3 days left to complete your submission for Dropbox Sign AI-Powered Agreements Hackathon. Don't forget to complete the Feedback Survey for a chance to win one of the Most Valuable Feedback prizes. You have until October 15th to complete the survey so you can prioritize your submission in these final days! 

Best of luck — can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with. 

5 months ago

New Tutorial Available

Hey Dropbox Sign Hackers! 


We've added a tutorial to the hackathon site so go check it out! 

You still have one week until the deadline so it's not too late to get started! 


Good luck and we can't wait to see your project! 

5 months ago

Submission Checklist: It’s Go Time!!

There is just one week left to enter your submission to the Dropbox Sign AI-powered Agreements Hackathon. Submissions are due October 10th at 3pm ET (check what time that is for you). 


Whether you’re nearly finished with your submission or have been putting it off and are planning to get everything done this week, the deadline is coming soon!! Get some tips from our submission form process, make sure all of your teammates have accepted their invitations to join the project, and use the checklist below to make sure you’re all set by the deadline! 

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5 months ago

The early bird gets the worm…and a submission review!


Submissions to Dropbox Sign AI-powered Agreements Hackathon are due October 9th at 3pm ET (check what time that is for you), so submit your project by October 3rd to have your submission reviewed by Devpost!

5 months ago

Lights, Camera, Action! Submission video tips for hackers

We know as devs and innovators, your expertise normally lies behind the scenes, but the submission video needs time and care too! It's often the first (and sometimes only!) thing that judges review. Your video tells the story behind your project, providing a clear avenue to showcase your software and talent. 


Prep your elevator pitch and don’t forget to include:

  • how your project meets the hackathon requirements
  • tools you used
  • problem your project addresses
  • solution your project addresses 
  • demo your project in a way that shows judges how real-world users will interact and benefit from it! 


Time-saving Tip

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5 months ago


Having trouble coming up with an idea? 

We know brainstorming can sometimes be the hardest part of getting started so we've created this Idea Generator to help you!

With three easy questions and your email, we'll send you a couple of ideas to get the juices flowing. Try to be specific with your answers and use the ideas as a starting point. Good luck and we're excited to see your projects!  

6 months ago

Did someone say….Prizes?

Whether you’re in it for the learning experience, the community, or just the fun of building cool software solutions, the possibility of winning cold, hard cash-money is always a nice incentive to get you to the finish line! Eligible participants have a shot at a $30,000 pot!

1st Place

$9,000 USD


2nd Place

$7,500 USD


3rd Place

$5,000 USD


Runners Up (3)

$2,000 USD


Honorable Mentions (3)

$500 USD


Most Valuable Feedback (10)

$100 USD for the most valuable feedback surveys



You can find this list of prizes along with an important note…

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6 months ago

How’s your Dropbox Sign AI-Powered Agreements Hackathon project coming along?

Hi hackers!

Whether or not you have started building your Dropbox Sign AI-Powered Agreements Hackathon project, Devpost’s Discord Community is the perfect place to connect with other developers! You can use it to bounce ideas off your fellow coders, ask other devs for technical help, and eventually show off your project when it’s finished!


 Teaming up

Looking for a team to work with on your project? Post in the Discord channel! You can also use the challenge Participants Tab to search for other developers looking to team up, check out their skills and message them to see if they…

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6 months ago

Give yourself a schedule

A little planning can go a long way toward a winning project. In Dropbox Sign AI-Powered Agreements Hackathon, we want to be sure we get to check out your project and want to help you get there.  

Check out our Tips for Planning Your Project and the rough timeline below for when to start different activities:

Brainstorm (Today)
Pick an idea (Tomorrow)
Quick design and how it might work (by the end of August)
Start building (by the first week in September)
Start your submission (Mid-September)
Finish up your project (First week in October)
Record your demo video using

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